Caliban's War James S.A. Corey

Mar 27, 2016 review (read between Mar 20, 2016 – Mar 22, 2016)

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Caliban’s War continues the tale of humanity’s struggles and stupidity started in its prequel, Leviathan Wakes. James S.A. Corey (AKA Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) doesn’t deviate too far from what made Leviathan Wakes a fun read: interesting and fun characters, fast but well-paced plot progression, heavy-hitting action, and good cliffhanger endings to each chapter that flows well into the next character’s narration.

That isn’t to say that it’s the same exact formula. Caliban’s War features four primary narrators, doubled from Leviathan Wakes’ two. Thankfully Corey continues to weave in compelling reasons for these four distinct characters with different backgrounds and ideologies to have their paths cross and their goals overlap.

That said, as much as I like the new characters and despite me acknowledging some of their uniqueness, I can’t help but feel that most of them are actually the same characters at their core – witty, sometimes snarky, with a healthy dose of sarcasm justified by the fact that they’re so damn good at what they do – just with different backgrounds and ideologies. The contrast and dichotomy of Holden and Miller that existed in the prequel is nowhere to be found here. Instead, you just have a bunch of witty space cowboys running around and saving humanity.

Don’t get me wrong: Caliban’s War is a fun and fine read. The singularity of these witty and sarcasm-filled characters, however, remind me too much of The Martian. The Martian was another fast and fun read, but I’m honestly not sure how many more recent popular sci-fi offerings that have the same character types I can stomach. I guess I’ll find out with Abaddon’s Gate.